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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Oh The Places You'll Go

Photo by Carol Kurtz
While touring Scotland, we were very fortunate to have Fran as our tour guide and Mickey as our bus driver.  I say fortunate because not only were they very professional in all of their duties but also they were what I call "fun people" those kind of folks that you like to be around.  What always impresses me about professionals such as Fran and Mickey is that even though you know they have done this routine hundreds of times previously, you never get the feeling that they are jaded or bored with doing it again.  You can always tell when someone truly enjoys what they are doing.

Fran was very knowledgeable and informative about the storied history and background of Scotland, its kings and queens, and many battles.  But even as she relayed all this heavy info, Fran also had a great sense of humor that made you never tire of listening to her.   And as she told various stories and anecdotes about all things Scottish, I found myself trying to write down some of the  comments and observations that she would make.  For example in discussing the variable weather in Scotland she recited this little quote about the wind:

"The naughty wind raises the young girls' skirts to see their thighs,
But he also protects them by blowing the dust into the young boys' eyes."

Unfortunately, Fran did not give the source of that quote.  (She may have but I missed it if she did.)  So, once back home, I tried to track down the originator of the quote by cranking up the ole internet search engine.  

Well, I was not successful in finding the originator of the quote, but let's just say that I did have a pretty good time trying to track it down.  You see, after I typed in my search words having to do "wind blown skirts" a number of very entertaining suggested sites popped up (click here). Here's one such site:
Note too that this was one of the more PG-13 sites that popped up in answer to my search.  Guess I should apologize to Fran, who was a very prim and proper lady, for starting with her and ending up with all this upskirt stuff here on the Buzzyblog.  Hey, I couldn't help it - the internet winds just pushed me in that direction.

Found this music video and while strictly speaking it wasn't the wind that caused all this churn, who cares?!   

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