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Sunday, September 22, 2019

New School Prayer

My thanks to the someone who emailed me the following "New School Prayer." It was supposedly written by a 15 year old high school kid in Minnesota:
Given that it sounded a little too good to be the work of a 15 year old, I ran it by the Snopes folks (click here.)  Turns out that "The New School Prayer" is not so new after all.  It has been around at least 20 so years or more.

The overall content of the different versions is pretty much the same.  However, there is one notable difference between the above version and the original:  the last line of the original read "If knifed in school, my soul you'll take."  Times sure have changed right?  Everybody knows knives don't kill people.

Still one of the most powerful songs and videos ever:

When it comes to all the mass murders that we continue to have, The Onion's recurring headlines sums it up fairly well:
For those of you not familiar with The Onion, it is a satire site (click here.)  

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