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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Joe for President!

Hey, it's about time someone from the rock and roll walk of life entered the political arena right?  (Sonny Bono doesn't count!)  

Of course I'm not talking about some dude from Illinois by the same name.  I'm talking the REAL Joe Walsh, the rock and roll wild man who first hit the big time with the James Gang and then took the Eagles from being very good to very great when he joined up with them in 1975.  Joe definitely lived the rock and roll life of sex and drugs as documented here (click here .)  There is also this good interview with him (click here.)

As for rock stars turned politicos, it's a short list of folks who have tried it.  Only a few have ever managed to successfully make the transition (click here.)

Since it's Twofer Tuesday, thought I'd serve up an early Joe tune for you and then throw in one from his later Eagles tunes.

Rocky Mountain Way is one of a handful of tunes that when I turn up the volume for it in Buzzy's Country Store heads immediately begin to nod along with the beat.  (Cocaine, Smoke on the Water, Sweet Home Alabama are couple others that also make folks react.)  I always love hearing the "Bases are loaded and Casey's at bat" line.

On the other end of the rock spectrum, Joe's Eagles' tune In the City is a softer, gentler tune. The harmonies in this song make my case that the Eagles were the best rock band of harmonizers including the Beatles and the Beach Boys.  (This is subjective of course as the following "Best of" list ranks the Eagles at #7 below the two B's that I just cited (click here.)

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