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Saturday, September 7, 2019

First Five Photos

Strolling back thru my photo files here on this laptop that I purchased in 2007, I landed upon the first five photos/items stored chronologically.

Appropriately enough, the very first one shown was the following of me and my brown eyed girl getting married by my Cousin Joe White in January 2007.

Jan 2007
Next in the hopper was this logo that I was thinking about using as my Buzzy's Country Store decal.  It was designed by Molly Hewitt:
Jan 2008
(Note:  I decided not to go with this one as my Buzzy logo and opted instead for the more colorful one (see Blog header above) that Molly came up with.)

The third photo in the file was this 2009 one of my daughter Ryan and Barbara Demko on a beach in Hawaii.
 Feb 2009
The photo file then jumped to 2010 and these two photos from that year's car show:
Brian and Sharon

Linda and Bart's Cobra 
It got me wondering whatever happened to all of the 2008 and 2009 photos that I took.  Turns out that in some kind of today-I'll-get-organized-frame-of-mind I began creating folders and storing my photos alphabetically e.g. Car Show 2009.    By trying to get more organized, I only made things less so. 

For no good reason, other than I am preparing to visit Scotland (over there) next week, here is a great 80's tune from the Scottish group Simple Minds:

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