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Monday, September 30, 2019

Fabulous Fall!

It is now official, fall has definitely become my favorite season and time of the year.  For the past couple of years, I've been going back and forth some deciding if it was spring or fall that I liked best but I now got to declare that fall is my favorite time of year.
October 2018
It may have something to do with me running the Store such that spring and summer bring the busy tourist season and all the churn that comes with that. I don't mind it and in fact kinda enjoy it, but come the end of the tourist season and the beginning of October it is nice to relax and slow down a bit.  Buzzy's Country Store is always a 7 day-a-week gig, but in fall things just get a lot more laid back for me.  

Too, there may be a personal component rolling around in my conclusion that fall is best.  As I muck my way thru the fall/winter portions of my lifespan, I find that a laid back m.o. works much better for me on a number of levels.  Mentally, it makes me want to do some fall cleaning as I prep for winter.  Physically, because the weather is nice, it makes me want to take some walks, do some outside things that I've put off doing because it was too hot out.  Socially, it makes me want to reconnect with friends and folks I haven't seen in awhile.  In many ways then, fall has become my New Year full of hopes and resolutions to do better.  

And on that note, tonight and tomorrow we celebrate the Jewish New Year - happy Rose Hashanah!  Maybe those wise men had it figured out years ago that this time of year is the best time of year for renewal, revitalization and fresh starts.  Everything old really is new again.

Nice video here with some great photos set to a great tune from Van.

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