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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Chuck's Duck Walk

On 8 September 1955 Chuck Berry performed his famous Duck Walk for the very first time.  Did you ever hear how and why he did it?  Proving once again that necessity really is the mother of invention, Chuck did the walk because his suit was wrinkled and he was trying to hide it!
He duck walks at the 1:34 mark here and check out the crowd's reaction when he does so.

Buzzy Note: I had stumbled upon this wrinkly little bit of trivia some time ago and had it stashed away in the Buzzyblog cooler to pass along to you on the 8th of September.  However, I found myself looking around for something to say today and was too lazy to do much else.  Thus, I'm a couple days early with this.  Catch you tomorrow.

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