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Friday, September 27, 2019

Buzzy on the Bus and Touring

Buzzy was on my mind a lot during my trip to the Over-There-Scotland.  Because his preferred mode of travel was mostly bus tours, he and I did several bus tours through various places like India, South Africa, Peru and China.  In fact, the very last trip that he and I did was in 2005 when we boarded a bus to Branson that thankfully also included stops in Ashville and Memphis along the way.  (Branson did not impress me much.)

As for why Buzzy preferred bus tours, I am
sure that price factored into it somewhere but he also enjoyed the whole bus routine of bags out at 6, breakfast at 7 and be on the bus by 8 for a day of touring and going to someplace that he  had never been to previously.  Obviously, bus tours are not for everyone, particularly for folks who like to sleep in, but Buzzy liked being on the bus.  (Ken Kesey comes to mind - you're either on the bus or you're off the bus.  And if you don't get that reference just click here for an explanation.)

In going thru some things the other day I came upon the following post cards that Buzzy had sent back to the "Gang" at the Store when he toured Sweden, Latvia and Copenhagen.  He once told me that he liked sending the postcards back home because many times he would return home before the post cards were delivered.  He said that once he did receive the cards in the mail it would remind him of things he had seen and done while on the tour.  

Here then are the 4 cards that I found.  Good luck deciphering his chicken scratch handwriting.  

His tour began in Sweden.  Note that he had already checked out their liquor stores to find that there was no Black Velvet.  Since he always carried a couple of fifths with him, he would plan his consumption rate accordingly based how long the tour was.

He then caught a  plane over to Latvia and its old town Riga. 

Obviously he liked this hotel enough to buy 3 stamps to mail this postcard home.  (My bet is that the hotel probably gave these cards away free and that Buzzzy justified the stamp cost because he didn't have to pay for the card.)  Also, note his P.S signature catch phrase of "Pay me."
Tour's end and as usual he had run out of booze.  Also note his "tired of customs agents" comment.  This was before the formation of the EU meaning that when crossing each border he had to go thru each countries' customs.
Anytime I've done a bus tour the phrase "Hop on the bus Gus" will get said at least once or twice a day as folks trudge on and off the bus.   Buzzy and I were once on a tour with a guy named Russ and you know what was said to him each time he lined up to board the bus.  It made me think that maybe Paul should have used Russ instead of Gus!

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