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Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Twofer Tuesday

Driving down the road to Buzzy's Country Store this past Sunday I popped in Mike and the Moonpies' CD "Steaknight at the Prairie Rose." The CD contains several great songs a couple of which I have previously discussed here on the Buzzyblog.  I mentioned the title tune here.  And then I previously passed along Track #6 "Beaches of Biloxi"  (click here.)  Both are great tunes that tell a great story.

But somewhere in listening to the rest of the CD, I had completely overlooked or just did not pay much attention to their "The Last Time" tune that for some reason caught my ear this past Sunday.  Maybe it was keyboardist John Carbone's catchy Wurlitzer intro to the song that pulled me right in.  Then again, it may have been because I was in a Sunday semi-melancholy kind of mood to begin with and was receptive to an introspective kind of song.

Some great musicianship on this song.  Lyric wise it tells the sad story of helping someone who is just using you over and over.  Having a couple close friends and family members who are locked into this ugly dynamic, I just shook my head at the following final lines of the song "I feel numb and dumb but that's my fault, when you know you're gonna land on your head, have fun with the fall."

When I talked to John Carbone about the tune he told me that the song's writer Jonathan Terrell is out of Austin and has several great songs that he has written. I went searching for Jonathan and found this other tune from him with a nice little video accompanying it.  Talk about being sad and melancholy.

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