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Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Art of Making Moments Matter

Ran across this very nice article in the Southern Maryland This Is Living Magazine written by Ruddy Duck's Lisa Kelly.  
Lisa's St. George's Island restaurant continues to be one of my favorites to recommend to tourists and visitors to Buzzy's Country Store when they ask for recommendations where to eat.  Folks who are staying in one of Peggy's rentals for a couple of days or more often go to Courtney's or Sunset Cove and then are looking for other recommendations in the area.  I always tell them that the Ruddy Duck on St. George's Island is a great experience not only food wise but also for the fantastic views of the water.

As for Lisa's article, she tells a great story about a graduation party she once hosted.  Here's an excerpt:

Lots of songs about mirrors but this one from Elvis Costello is one of the more thought provoking ones ever recorded.  It starts out as a love song of sorts but then soon devolves into I don't know what with lyrics such as "a butterfly feeding on a dead monkey's hand."  Who knows what the hell he's talking/singing about?  That said, I confess however, that I've know a lady or two who have had similar "mirror issues."  Video contains some cool images of folks looking into a mirror.

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