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Friday, August 9, 2019

Stone Hollis Ridgell - Here Comes the Grandson

At 8:04 yesterday morning Stone Hollis Ridgell came in through the bathroom window so to speak thanks to his Mom Caitie's delivery efforts.  He weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and that made 804 a good number to play in the daily lottery.  (Yesterday's number was 5-1-1 but I'm on 804 for the next week or so just because.)

Here is a photo I took of Dad Brady and the nurse attending to Stone just a few minutes after his debut.
Following Stone's arrival, while Brady and I waited to see Caitie, he consulted his phone's internet to find that 8 August also marked the date in history that Nixon announced his resignation, England's Great Train Robbery went down and Wrigley Field got lights.  Something eh?

However, the bigger, historic news and more impressive for me was that it also marked the date that the Abbey Road album cover was photographed (click here.)  (See now why the above song clues were included?  There were 4 if you are counting and below is a fifth one for your listening pleasure.)

It is tough to pick a favorite Abbey Road tune but this one runs thru my mind a lot.  (It may drag on a smidge too long at the end but it is what it is - heavy.)

Now you know why those song clues

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