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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Steve's Guitar Sitar

Regarding Steve Miller's guitar (previous post) he related this story about how he came to purchase it.  (Although this video is from a 2017 concert of his, it is almost verbatim what he related to us at Wolf Trap the other night.  And here I thought we were the first audience he ever told that story to,)

As noted, this video was filmed in 2017.  At his Wolf Trap concert he finished the story by noting that he has since donated the original sitar guitar to the Met Museum in New York as part of  their Play It Loud exhibit.  (Too I found this very good article on Steve and his guitar collection of over 450 models.  Now that's some plucking!)

Speaking of playing guitar, the Valley Lee Band will be playing tonight at Cindy and Joe Salvo's Sunset Cove.  Drive down for some dinner and some tunes.

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