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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Ready for Some Football?

NFL preseason as I attended the Vikings-Cardinals game yesterday in Minnesota.  Brady and I
are doing our annual baseball/football stadium visit and this year went back to Minnesota to visit their new ball parks.  We had been to the Metrodome previously, but the Twins have since relocated to their new digs at Target Field so we had to return to Minneapolis to check things out.  (Plus it was Joe Mauer Bobblehead night so how could we NOT go!?)

Also, the Vikings have recently built a new stadium dubbed US Bank Stadium. (Sure seems like a lot of these new stadiums are being named after banks doesn't it?)  In case you're wondering, as I did, how Minnesota managed to pay for these new stadiums (click here.

Deadspin annually runs a football feature titled Why Your Team Sucks. These articles are funny putdowns that have just enough truth in them to amuse you while ripping your favorite team to pieces.  Football-wise, the facts revealed in the articles may well the best pre-season predictor of what to or what not to expect from your team. Following the articles, fans will then chime in with comments and views that are equally funny.  

For example, there was this comment posted by a fan following the Why the Steelers Suck article (click on link below:)
Redskins' fans will not only laugh and agree with Deadspin's  take on why their team sucks (click here) but will also appreciate this fans' comment:
And of course my team the Ravens are skewered as follows: (You knew that a Baltimore-City-shithole reference was coming but it's still funny just the same.)
Hank sure nailed it here with the 2nd best football promo ever. (Faith is still my Numero Uno favorite.) But look closely at this one with the fighter jets, bombs, rockets, war room Generals etc. and see if you don't agree that just maybe the NFL was playing that patriotism thing up a little too much pre-Colin Kaepernick imbroglio. Obviously, they weren't ready for football down on its knees - literally!

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