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Sunday, August 11, 2019


My Mom, who will turn 88 on the 21st of this month, continues to wrestle with not being able to drive her car any more.  She goes back and forth on the matter one minute admitting that she should not be driving and the next stating that she can still do so.  

As she discussed it the other day, she made the statement "I may be senile but I'm not stupid."  I told her that her saying that reminded me of a joke.  (To save from typing it out, I found this version of it on the internet (click here.)
Mom laughed after I told her the joke and for the next couple of minutes seemed to forget about the car. 

I took her to see and visit with her latest Great Grandchild Stone.  Here she is holding him.  

Later as we left the hospital she commented "Well, that'll be the last newborn I ever hold."  I gave her my usual response to her "be-my-last" comments by saying "You never know."  Usually I mean it when I say this to her, but this time I secretly thought "You may be right."

Bill Joel came to mind for a couple of reasons:

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