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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Mascots Are a Wonderful Thing



While attending the 2 ball games in Minnesota this past Saturday I viewed the team mascots Viktor and TC Bear in a different light based on a discussion I had heard earlier in the week on the Michael Smerconish show.  

Smerconish interviewed a guest about the Philly Phanatic possibly becoming a free agent due to some copyright/trademark issues over who actually "owns" the mascot.  It's too convoluted for me to try and explain here but suffice it to say that it boils down to what else - money.   The case also involves some legalese differentiations between copyright and trademark material.  (If you want to try and understand the whole background and issues surrounding this  click here.)

But s
ay that the Phanatic does indeed become a free agent, perhaps I will make a bid to secure him as the Buzzy Phanatic.  Can't you just see him entertaining everyone by cutting donuts and burning tires out in the Store parking lot?   
The Future Buzzy Phanatic?
In musical circles, one of the bigger plagiarism lawsuit settlements ever involved Michael Bolton and the Isley Brothers.  The dispute was over Love is a Wonderful Thing (click here and be sure to scroll down and read the listeners comments about the case to get some idea as to whether or not Bolton did rip the Isleys off.)  If you want to compare the two songs, here is Bolton's tune.  I wonder if he had just shortened his song's title to "Wonderful Thing" would he have still been found guilty of nicking the tune from the Isleys? 

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