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Saturday, August 24, 2019


Being a groupie was never on my list of life's ambitions.  That said, I am a four time groupie and all thanks to Facebook.  

OK, now that I got your attention and hear you saying WTF, lemme be doing some splaining.

In addition to having your personal timeline out there, Facebook also features group pages to further waste your time reviewing.  These groups are explained as follows:

The first and still the best FB group I ever joined was Massey's "You Know You're From St. Mary's If...."  (I'll go for the obvious joke here and confess then that it was Massey who made me a groupie.  In fact, I was considering using that as the title for this post - "How Massey Made Me Her Groupie"  but chickened out because I didn't want to risk pissing her off and having her toss me off the "You Know You're From St. Mary's" page.) 

All kidding aside though, I regard Massey's "You Know You're From St. Mary's" as my most favorite FB page.  I also cite  it as an example of how FB can be a good thing in that it offers a place for folks to go and, as she states in her description, "relax and reminisce."    

Whereas Massye's is a Public Group, the second group I joined was a Secret Group of my niece Katie's wedding page.  On this page,  Katie and her husband Ian posted photos from their event.
Folks who attended the wedding also uploaded various photos that they took at the wedding for all members of the group to see and download as they wanted.  (In case you're wondering, Allen is Ian's, and now Katie's, last name hence the title of the group.)
My third FB group popped up when my buddy Rich Brewer directed me to the St. Mary's College 70's group page.  I had asked Rich to help me locate a photo of Jackie Armstrong palming an egg on President Jackson at our graduation in 1975 and he suggested the SMC group page.
  Sure enough, after I joined the group and searched thru the pages, I found this photo documenting that moment:

I then joined a fourth FB group earlier this year when looking for info on the Rock Wren (click here.)
However, I don't really see nor participate much in this group so I'm thinking about leaving it.  (I'll write it off as a Norwegian Wood-bird-has-flown-one-night-stand-kinda-deal.)

But back to where I started in talking about the kind of groupies you were thinking of, here's a story for you.  A dude I once worked with attended a Diana Ross concert at the Capitol Center with his wife and had front row seats.  At some point in the concert Diana asked someone from the audience to come up onstage with her when she did the song Muscles.  She selected the fella sitting right next to my friend.  

Once onstage, Diana asked the young man if he would like to leave with her after the show and if so instructed him to get on the bus awaiting them outside the Capitol Center.  The young guy laughed and played along with her as she performed the song Muscles using him as a prop.  When the song concluded, the guy returned to his seat.

After the show was over and while coming home, my friend's wife asked him what he would have done if Diana had asked him to go with her.  He said he told his wife "Baby I love you.  But if Diana said get on the bus then I'm on the bus and I'm outta here."  His wife did not take that reposnse too well so my friend tried to smooth it over when he told her "Hey, it's Diana Ross.  I can hang with her and be her groupie until she gets tired of me and then I'll be back with you."  That didn't go over too well either.

In the following video at the 5:26 mark you'll see where Diana brings someone up onstage to show off his muscles.  However, there was no discussion of the fella "gettin on her bus."

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