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Friday, August 2, 2019

Governor's Cup 2019

Lots of things (click here)   going on around the County this weekend so get out and do something fun before summer is over. 

For instance, Leonardtown has its First Friday and music fest on tap.  National Lighthouse Weekend will feature Blackistone and Piney Point Lighthouses.  (Unfortunately Pt. Lookout because of its ongoing renovations is not involved this year,)

South County at St. Mary's College it is the annual Governor's Cup race and post party.  Recall that last year's event was cancelled due to rain and debris in the waters.
If you are a morning person and would like to get a little "taste" of what's what at the Governor's Cup, early Saturday morning Trinity Church will be serving up breakfast. The event is open to the general public as well as to the sailors who sailed all night to get to St. Mary's City.

As always, a few miles south of the College there is a quiet drinking establishment for your break from life and it's attendant woes and worries.  Come on down!
Caught Steve Miller at Wolf Trap the other night and of course he rocked the place with his hits.  However, he also did this oldie that I'd forgotten what a great song it is. Lots of nice times spent listening to this back in the day. OK, I'll be more specific and say that a lot of nice times while high were  spent listening to this tune which some have called the ultimate stoner song.  (Pay close attention to the lead guitar which I will discuss some other time in the future.)

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