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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Event Filled?

Weekends I usually try to post something here on the Buzzyblog about events and things going on around the County in general and South County specifically.  Last weekend what with First Friday, music concerts, the Govenor's Cup and Lighthouse Celebrations going on, it made for a busy time in the Mother County.  

This weekend on the other hand not so much.  There is Shakespeare in the City at the college but that's about it event-wise.
It reminded me of how that same phenomena will crop up in your personal life.  For several weekends you will not have a thing to do.  There are no parties, no special occasions, no events and nowhere to go.  But then, on a given date, usually a Saturday, you will have multiple invites, conflicts and decisions to make about which events to attend and which ones to skip.  

I remember back when Buzzy had his 40th Anniversary party on a Saturday in 1993, my god daughter Lyla Whitson got married that same morning in Great Mills and held her reception in Bushwood.  My buddy Norm Klink had a birthday party that same night up in Gaithersburg. 

After some serious moving and bopping around that I probably would not engage in now, I somehow managed to hit all 3 of those events.  It was a long day of partying and travelling but looking back am glad that I somehow managed to hit all three of those very special events.

Of course this weekend you still have things like the Farmers' Market at Hermanville on Saturday morning.  The American Legion and KoC have their monthly dinners.  And as always Buzzy's Country Store is there with warm hospitality and cold beer to greet you.  That just may be the most special occasion of them all. 

Whatever you do, take it easy - walk don't run.  (And don't feel too bad if you always thought that Walk Don't Run was a Ventures' song.  It was made famous by them in the 60's but a little known fact is that it was originally written and done in 1954 by jazz musician Johnny Smith.  As Paul would say - now you know the rest of the story.)

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