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Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Beer Sales Reps

Buzzy's Country Store, along with all other liquor establishments in St. Mary's, has beer delivered  from three distributors Guy, Buck and Bozick Distributors.  Each of these distributors has a sales reps who contacts me to take my beer order for the next day's delivery.  

Back in the day when there weren't so many different beer varieties and sizes and packaging of beer,  the delivery drivers would simply roll into Buzzy's, ask him what he needed and stock him up right from their inventory on the truck.  

However, due to the reasons I cited above with so many beers and different packaging of them, thru the years that system has evolved such that sales reps now visit establishments the day before delivery.  They solicit the beer orders for next day delivery so they can properly load the truck and get what is needed to the retailers.  

My sales rep for Guy Distributing is Mike Johnson (right.)  (I list him first because I have dealt with him the longest.)

When I first took over Buzzy's back in 2007, Mike was then the driver/delivery man for Guy's assigned to my route in South County.  The very first check that I ever wrote as owner of Buzzy's was to Guy Distributors and I presented that to Mike.

Mike then took over as Guy's Sales Rep in 2008 and it has been my pleasure to have dealt with him as my Budweiser sales rep ever since.  

Buck Distributors (Miller Beer) on the other hand, have had several sales reps thru my 12 years in business.  Unlike Guy Distributing, which only operates in St. Mary's County, Buck Distributing covers several counties.


Because Buck covers such a wide area, their sales reps move around more.  In doing so, they are either trying to work closer to their homes or they are moving up the corporate  ladder to oversee more lucrative routes with greater sales.  

Fortunately for me, my current Buck sales rep is local boy Jamie Nelson who lives in Dameron so he is already close to his home.  I first met Jamie when he was a driver for Guy Distributing and have always enjoyed dealing with him and his excellent customer service.  (As a driver, Jamie even made a special delivery for me once that folks still talk about.  I won't go into too many details because I don't want to get Jamie in any trouble, but let's just say that it was the ultimate example of what door-to-door service is all about!)
Jamie and wife Susan
Bozick Distributors, out of Waldorf, has Judy Haskins as their sales rep.  Judy, like Mike and Jamie, also started out as a driver before she became the sales rep for the South County route.  Before Judy, Greg Stipe served as Bozick's rep for several years.  Both Greg and Judy were also great to deal with in taking my  orders for Coors beer and the other products Bozick handles..

 If you see a mini van with beer decorations on it cruising around the County, these are the sales reps who are canvassing retailers to ensure that your favorite brews are available for you to enjoy.  Here is a photo I took of Jamie "on his route."

 If you were to thank these folks for their efforts in serving as the link between the distributors and the retailers I'm sure they'd appreciate it.  I know I sure appreciate their efforts!

Speaking of selling and buying beer, this video is probably not the right one to include here with the above sales rep discussion because it shows the keg of beer not being purchased but being stolen !

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