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Thursday, August 22, 2019

A Dozen Years Ago

I took these grab shot photos on 22 Aug 2007.  (Those digital date stamps are great aren't they?)  I call 'em grab shots because there was no posing nor set up on my part as the photographer.  That explains why no one is looking at the camera save for the final posed photo of Shea and Mom.  (It also explains why Shea's head is cut off in Photo #3 here.) 

I think the occasion was a get together to celebrate Brady's birthday which falls on the 25th of August.  In the first photo, obviously Shawn looks like he preferred the licorice over the Gatorade..
Shawn With Buzzy's Hot Rod Lincoln Behind Him
Barbara and Joan Kirsch Looking At Shawn

Shea and Granddad Buzzy Wearing El Paso Hat From Lou Gentry

Shawn Shaking Great Granddad's Hand With His Grandmother Lisa in Background 

Brady and Buzzy
These photos obviously were taken at Buzzy's Country Store but I also have these two which were taken a little afterwards at Courtney's.  I'm guessing that we all rendezvoused at the Store and then picked up Mom to head down to Tommy's for birthday dinner.
Lily, Her Aunt Reagan and Great Grand Mom Jean

Grandmom Jean and Shea in Red
 For no reason other than it mentions Jean, I kinda like this song.  However, note that I prefer Anne's version to the Monkees'.

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