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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Twofer Tuesday - Baltimore

For some reason, lots of talk about Baltimore lately.   (And not about the Orioles who have been on a hot streak such that they are no longer the worst team in baseball.  That dubious "honor" goes to the Tigers.)

But all of Trump stir over how bad Baltimore is reminded me of Randy Newman and his song about the city and how awful it is.  (Click here to listen to the tune.)

Although his Baltimore song generated some controversy when he recorded and included it on his album Little Criminals, Randy's other tune from that album created a lot more churn - Short People.  So much controversy that a Maryland Delegate Isaiah Dixon tried to introduce a bill outlawing it.  This from his obit:
All of this faux outrage was more than a little ironic however in that while Rep. Dixon found Short People offensive enough to try and outlaw the playing of it, he completely overlooked Newman's derogatory Baltimore tune.  And Dixon was Baltimore City's representative.  

Guess it just goes to show that life really is tough if you're a short dude from B'more; that or maybe short people just got no sense of what their priorities ought to be.

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