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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Pictures on Buzzy's Front Porch

I always enjoy it whenever someone asks me to come out and have my picture taken with them on Buzzy's front porch.  Makes me feel like I am somebody you know?

And when it is a photo with three attractive ladies, hey, it doesn't get any better.  The following was taken this past Hawaiian-shirt-Sunday hence my attire.

Karen, Melissa Ann, Me and Tracy  Photo by Larry Johnson
As stated, I always enjoy it when folks ask me to be in a photo with them.  However, sometimes having my photo taken with folks on the porch will have a bitter-sweet edge to it as the photos are documenting folks saying goodbye and preparing to leave the area.  In this case, Polock was down to say goodbye before his move to Florida:
 And here is one of Karen and Chuck prior to their moving to Georgia.
Photo by Kim Wiley
Sometimes I am invited to be in a group shot.  Here is a photo of my Second District friends conducting their 2017 Buzzy's and Back Pub Crawl.  (If you have trouble locating me, just look for the knobbiest knees and you'll find me.)
But my all time favorite photo of me on the porch is the following of my Mom and me:
Growing up in the Store with our living quarters above and behind it, Mom and I had numerous conversations through the years but none of them ever took place on the front porch.  I'm glad we got that omission taken care of and that this photo captured it.  I can't recall who took it but I sure am glad that they did so.

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