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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Monk's Inn - RIP

Sunday church-related item for you.

As I was travelling down the road the other day I saw the following at Monk's Inn in St. Inigoes:
I pulled into the parking lot and took this photo of Harry Frauenfelder owner of Barefoot Graphics installing the new sign.
It's official then - after a long and storied run as a general store, bar and/or restaurant, Monk's Inn is now a church.  As you can see from the new sign it is now The Whole Heart Deliverance Temple.

I wasn't able to find out much about the WHDT online.  I may just have to drop in some Sunday and check it out if for no other reason than to see how they converted the place from a bar to a church.

With all these new churches popping up maybe I should think about rebranding Buzzy's Country Store as the Church of Beer, Booze and B.S.  (As shown in this cartoon from Mike Luckovich of the Atlantic Journal Constitution,  Buzzy's already features free wifi.)
Song wise just gimme that old time country music religion:

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