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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Melvin Moves On

Melvin Yost Jr. was in Buzzy's Country Store this past Sunday riding to support the Scooter Hoile's Poker Run.  (Scooter passed away a year ago and a few weeks later in his memory his family and friends came down to Buzzy's to spread his ashes (click here for previous post about it.)

During our conversation Melvin asked me about his Dad's Triangle Rod and Custom jacket that I had on display.  He said that he would like to pass it on to his daughter Gloria who was also there with him visiting from her home in Florida.

My first thought was that I didn't want to let the jacket go.  I told Melvin that the jacket technically belongs to Butch Wood who rescued it when Melvin Sr. had thrown it away.  (I posted the following about how Butch rescued the jacket from Melvin Sr.'s trash pile and passed it along to me in 2011 (click here.)
Butch Giving Me Melvin's Jacket and Plaque
However, when Butch "loaned" the items to me to display in Buzzy's Country Store he said that he didn't really want either of them back.  So I was free to do what I wanted with the items.  

My second reason for wanting to keep the jacket at Buzzy's is that I felt like the jacket belongs in Ridge and should be on display somewhere for all to see.  My logic was similar to those museum folks who argue that them having the item allows more people to appreciate and see the item than it would otherwise receive in a private collection.

As Melvin Jr. continued discussing how he really would like to have the jacket,  I ran all these counter arguments thru my head.  After some hesitation and against my better wishes, I gave the jacket to him and his daughter Gloria (photo here.) 
I told them that I did not want to see it on E-bay anytime soon.  

Hopefully, Melvin Sr.'s jacket will enjoy residing in Florida - even if I still think it should be hanging out, literally, at Buzzy's.

But as Johnny sang, you get what you give and t
he only thing permanent IS change.

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