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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Best Broadway Musical - Gypsy

Caught St. Mary's County Parks and Rec's Summer Stock production of Newsies last night.  As always it was very well done and everything about the production was excellent.  In particular the choreography by Richard Lepper was outstanding as a cast of over 70 folks wildly danced and pranced around the stage.  It was quite a show!

It got me thinking about the best Broadway musicals.  After some googling I found this list of someone's 100 best with the following in his top ten:
Gypsy at Number 1 along with the rest of his top ten surprised me a little but then again Broadway musicals are not exactly my area of expertise.  (Now, if the categories were Classic Rock Music or Sports-related, I could discuss and critique "Best of" lists all day.  Broadway musicals?  Not so much.)

However, just off the top of my head here and with no criteria other than "I know what I like," my Top Ten list would have to include musicals like Phantom of the Opera, Little Shop of Horrors and Grease. (For some reason Grease didn't even make the Top 100 list linked above.)  

But as noted in the comments following this particular Top 100 listing "different opinions make the world go round." 

Guess by rights I should spin something here from the Broadway show itself listed as Number 1, but nothing I found was anywhere near as great as this video featuring Stevie here doing her Gypsy:

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