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Monday, March 18, 2019

You Got to Hand It To Him

With yesterday being St. Patrick's Day I thought the following would be a good follow up:
My buddy Francis Wood gave me this book and I have enjoyed looking through it.  Over 75 photographers were deployed to photograph scenes from everyday life in Ireland.  One review summed it up by noting: "A feast for the eyes is the result of an impressively coordinated project that, though ambitious, makes no claim as a definitive record of a complex country."
Entertaining book but I was a bit surprised that no Irish country store scenes were depicted in the book save for the following:

Irish pub scenes were also scarce with this being the sole representative.  (Check out the brand of beer they are knocking back.)

Not finding many photos of country stores nor pubs, I did land on this one that will forever make you appreciate your day job:

N.B.  Be sure to re-read post title above.

And while on the subject of jacking off, hope I'm not ruining this song for you by noting that Billy Idol may not have been talking about "Dancing dancing" in the following:

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