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Friday, March 22, 2019

Stella Awards

I first ran into the Darwin Awards many years ago when the Navy's Safety bubbas would release a list of accidents and mishaps that their folks had encountered by doing something stupid.  (I recall one such accident that was reported involving two dudes trying to sneak into a Metallica concert.  Turns out that it was deemed "Urban Legend."  (click here.)  

Enter the Stella Awards.Seems just about every conversation I ever hear in Buzzy's Country Store involving crazy lawsuits, someone will cite "How bout that lady who sued McDonalds because her coffee was too hot and burned her?" Well, that lady be Stella.  

The Stella Awards then are insane legal awards named after one Stella Liebeck who in 1979 received a huge settlement from McDonalds when a cup of their coffee burned her and she sued them for it being too hot.  (There is a good back story to this case that semi-exonerates Stella and explains why her award was not as outlandish as it sounds.  Regardless, she still has this awards category named after her.)  

All this came to mind after someone recently forwarded me an email listing this year's top 7 Stella Awards.  This list  has been around for several years now, but it was the first time that I had ever seen it.  So, as I read the first six cases on the list, I actually believed that they were true cases.  Yes, they were semi-absurd, but they all sounded just plausible enough that I believed them to be true.  

However, when the following was listed as the First Place winner I shook my head and said to my-Ridge-boy-self, "No way.  Jump the shark time."  Here is the story:

It sent me to that www data base where I learned that all of the legal cases cited in the email were bogus (click here.)   Thus, these particular Stella Awards were bogus.  However, for a sampling of actual Stella Awards cases (click here.)

The Stellar Gospel Music Awards will take place next Thursday in Vegas (click here.)  Believe it or not, Snoop Dog is nominated for three awards.  No, the Stellar Awards' folks were not smoking some of Snoop's stash, as these nominations are in recognition of his Bible of Love album released this past year.  The following tune is from that album.

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