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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Not Much Happening But You Can Eat!

Heard a comedian once riff on the local Evening News shows featuring news, weather and sports.  He noted that "Wouldn't it be something if the news caster came on at the beginning of the show and said "Not much happened today in the way of news so we're going to go right into the weather."

I was reminded of that when I looked around to see what was going on events-wise in the County at large and specifically in South County this weekend.  Basically, not a damn thing is happening.  Unless that is you are hungry.  And thanks to the Big 3 as in the Church, the Legion and the Fire Department you will never be without an opportunity to eat at least in the First and Second Districts.

The Ridge American Legion has their steak dinner Saturday evening.  The Second District Fire Department has a breakfast Sunday morning and the Knights of Columbus have their monthly chicken dinner on Sunday.  

If you'd like some music with your meal, then Joe and Cindy Salvo's Sunset Cove Restaurant has both dinner and music for you Saturday evening.  This weekend they will have Josh and Woody playing starting at 7 pm.
I am not too sure who Josh and Woody are nor what kind of music they play; but I am very familiar with this duo in the following video.  I quoted John Lee just the other day to one of my friends who was reminiscing about something stupid that he had done in a previous life.  I advised my friend, "Like John Lee said - Don't Look Back."  

There are several highlights in this tune such as when Van cuts in at the 3:20 mark.  However, I think my very favorite moment is at the end of the song where John and Van thank each other.  That always makes me smile for some sentimental reason that I am at a loss to explain.


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