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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Jane Davis Doggett - Wayfinder

I recently caught Bill Bradley on his American Voices Sirius Radio show interviewing Jane Davis Doggett.  Her Wiki bio describes her as "a pioneer designer in wayfinding and graphic systems for airports."

During her conversation with Senator Bradley Jane discussed how airports evolved and grew thru the years.  She was instrumental in coming up with graphic designs and signage to help passengers make their way thru airports.  For instance, she noted that installing signs out on the highways leading into the airport to assist travelers was one of her ideas.  Once the traveler entered in the airport complex, the designations of Terminal A or B was also something she helped develop.

The following are samples of works of art by Jane who at 90 years young is still growing strong.

I was unable to locate the Bradley interview to pass along here, but did find this YouTube video on her (click here.)

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