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Saturday, March 23, 2019

In the Garden of Eden?

Spring time and an old man's fancy turns to - yard work.  And while I have never been a big gardening-green-thumb-kind of guy, I do enjoy getting outside and puttering around the little piece of terra firma that I call mine.  

I remember years ago I would read a weekly column in the Washington Post titled Garden of Eden written by Jack Eden.  I always thought he knew what he was talking about and even followed some of his advice every now and then.  However, I never knew that he was such a controversial person (click here.)  

And yet, I also recall my neighbor Cheryl, who knew all about gardening stuff and worked at a local nursery, mentioning to me that Jack was not a straight up kind of guy.  One day as I was discussing yard matters with her, I cited something that Jack had suggested in his column.  Cheryl immediately John McCained him by saying that he was nothing more than a shill for the chemical boys and that I should ignore everything he said.  She did not have anything good to say about Jack and urged me to stop reading him.

She went onto explain that Jack was so tied up with the chemical folks that their sales reps would come into the nursery earlier in the week and advise them that they needed to stock up on XYZ Spray because Jack was going to recommend it in his upcoming Saturday column.   The reps knew exactly what Jack was going to be hawking and pushing.  (Did anyone call it collusion back then?) 

Today of course with the internet at hand there is no lacking of gardening advice whether chemical or otherwise.  May Jack who died in 2009 rest in peace in his own little garden of eden.

I got to think that this 1970 Joni tune was one of the first "Eco-friendly" songs to ever hit the airwaves.  I have included here just because it has the line "Hey farmer, farmer put way that DDT."

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