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Monday, March 11, 2019

Happy NFL New Year!

Today marks the unofficial beginning of the NFL's year; but officially, it doesn't commence until Wednesday 13 March.  Confusing?  Hey, it's the NFL where EVERYTHING is so confusing that some critics have even ventured that NFL really stands for No Fixed Logic.  

This week's "kickoff" schedule reinforces that view.

This Wednesday will mark Joe Flacco's official trade to the Denver Bronco's while the Redskins will sign Denver's former QB Case Keenum.  I have mixed emotions about Joe leaving the Ravens but was hoping that the Skins would have made him an offer to stay in the area. (I was looking forward to the irony of RGIII now being a Raven while Joe became a Redskin.)

As for Joe's legacy with the Ravens I am reminded of a Seth Meyers comment on SNL where he showed a photo of Paul McCartney and asked something along the lines "Shouldn't we give a pass to someone who was great early on in his career but then followed it up with years of mediocrity?"  (I don't necessarily agree with Seth using Paul as his example here but I do get the point that he was making.)

Joe's 2012 season playoff run remains one of the best ever in NFL history.  Re-watching The Mile High Miracle still hits me like a shot of cocaine whenever I need a little boost.  All I can say is thank you Joe for throwing that pass and thank you Jacoby Jones for catching it.  (All those J's involved, make it an even nicer feat.)

It is fitting then that Joe goes back to Denver the site of his miracle comeback.  Here's hoping that Mile High continues to be a good luck place for him to play.  

The opening line "Goodbye Joe" took me to this tune.  However, I have another reason for including it:  the Ravens won the 2013 Super Bowl over the 49ers in New Orleans and Flacco was the MVP.  Talk about having some fun on the bayou!

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