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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Can We Pray on St. Patrick's Day?

The other day I mentioned how the Supreme Court is currently hearing a case involving the Bladensburg Peace Cross and how it will impact interpretation of the Establishment Clause.  As I was knocking around the internet corridors looking for info on this matter the following caught my eye:

Greece is a town located in Rochester, New York. My wife's sister Marcie resides in Greece so it made me curious as to what the case involved and how it was connected to the Establishment Clause issue. 

Turns out it involved something that I have always wondered about regarding separation of Church and State - praying before public meetings, legislative hearings etc.. The following link will take you through the matter where the Supreme Court ultimately ruled that such prayers were ok and did not violate the Establishment Clause (click here.)

One of the commentators was critical and had this to say:
As you see, all of this was just a round about way for me to weave in a reference to leprechauns.  By doing so I acknowledge that today is St. Paddy's Day and want to wish you a good one regardless whatever God(s) you do or don't pray to.  Wear your green and drop in Buzzy's later for some St. Paddy cheer.

Nice little Christian rock tune/video here for you from David Crowder  who sure has a Ricky Yeatman air about him doesn't he?

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