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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Buzzy Cruising

Following my post about the return of the Smith Island Cruises, couple folks have asked if I am going to organize another Buzzy's Country Store trip over to the Island.  

Back when my buddy Capt. Greg Madjeski was honchoing the trips to and from the Island, we organized a couple of Buzzy trips where we pretty much filled the boat.  Everyone who went had a great time.
Capt. Greg and His Wife Darlene Boarding the Twister

However, the last time we tried to do a Buzzy cruise it ended badly when the Cruise folks bumped us because they had another group who wanted to go the same day that we had slotted.  (The Cruise folks were giving us a "Buzzy discount" whereas the other group was willing to pay the full ticket cost.  It was a business decision and while I get that, still it pissed me off.  I had to contact all of the folks who had signed up and tell them that the trip had been cancelled.)   Thus, I am not organizing any future Buzzy based trips over to Smith Island.)

Like Bruce says "You got to learn how to live with what you can't rise above."  At this point in my life, guess I still haven't mastered how to do that.  Instead, I lean on the old saying "It is better if you can forgive, but it's good not to forget."  

Everyone did have a good time on the Buzzy Cruise though as seen here in these photos from Jennifer Adkins.

Sea Cruise was a big hit for Frankie Ford in 1959. However, it had been recorded in 1958 by the song's originator Huey "Piano" Smith.  Huey's vocal was erased and Frankie's version became the hit.

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