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Monday, March 4, 2019

Brian's Photo

Brian Barnhill Photo
While I was visiting our reps in Annapolis last month, Del. Matt Morgan mentioned the now famous Buzzy ATV Snow Photo.  We laughed at how Brian Barnhill's photo ended up in the Enterprise article discussing Matt's opposition to the sign ordinance.    Here is that Enterprise article written by Jason Babcock:
13 Jan 2017 Enterprise

I would like to give you the rest of the story about that photo: 

On a very snowy 7 January 2017 Brian Barnhill opened Buzzy's Country Store for me while I was digging my way out of Piney Point.  Very shortly after opening, Brian had a crowd of folks in the Store.  He took the photo of the Store and the 4 Wheelers and then posted it on his FB page.  

After Brian shared the photo on his FB page, it very quickly made the rounds.   I even had folks tell me that they saw it on some of the D.C. local news channels in their stories about the Southern Maryland snow storm.

About that time, the County's proposed revisions to the sign ordinance issue had heated up.  Matt wrote about it and used Brian's photo of Buzzy's to make his point(s) on FB and at a public hearing on the issue (above Enterprise article from Jan 2017.)  When the Enterprise published the photo and attributed it to "Submitted Photo" Brian thanked Matt as follows.
In Annapolis the other day Matt told me that while at the time he was unaware of who had taken the photo, he is very good friends not only with Brian but also with Brian's Mom Nancy Harwood.  

During the kerfuffle over the rooftop signs, my friend Steve Peterson sent me the following proposed solution.
I am very glad that the proposed sign ordinance was amended to allow the Buzzy sign to continue as is and that I didn't have to take up Steve's solution! 

And speaking of snow and great photo's, here is a nice little song and video from Sonny James:

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