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Friday, March 8, 2019

Brewing Controversies

I know, you have been too busy keeping up with the R. Kelly saga to have given any attention to more mundane matters such as a major war going on in the beer advertising industry.  

Here's the short version but feel free to click here for a more detailed account.

Anheuser-Busch (AB) ran a Super Bowl commercial critical of MillerCoors for using corn syrup in their products.  This not only riled up corn growers but also pissed off the MillerCoors folks (click here.)  Check out this video on the subject:

Locally here in the State of Maryland a couple of alcohol-related bills are working their way through the legislature and could have some major impacts if passed. One bill would establish an Alcohol Commission that takes away oversight power from the Comptroller. This has aroused some concerns particularly from Maryland Comptroller Franchot (click here for story.) 

Franchot has been very active in trying to make Maryland more friendly and open to the craft beer producers.  A bill was passed last year to permit the craft beer folks to sell up to 2,000 barrels of beer in their taprooms.  A current bill is looking at rolling that allowance back.  

Likewise, another bill is seeking to allow the craft brewers to self distribute their products vs. having to go thru a beer distributor to do so.  This represents a break from the traditional three tier system. 

The Franchot issue has heated up to become a personal battle between him and Maryland Senate Leader Mike Miller and House Leader Mike Busch (click here.)  (I'm sure some clever headline writer has already discussed this as "Comptroller vs.  Miller-Busch beer battle.")

Haven't played this tune in awhile for you but seems appropriate for today's topic:

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