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Friday, March 15, 2019

Been a Long Time (Well 5 Years)

It's just not the same but then again what IS the same as it was 5 years ago?  I'm talking Maryland Basketball and their participation in yesterday's start of the Big Ten Tournament.   They lost but frankly I wasn't all that concerned nor upset about it.  There was a time however....

Back when they were in the ACC, Maryland's opening ACC Tournament game was always a good excuse to take off from work, kick back and watch them play.  I particularly liked it because it was the official start of March Madness where the conference tournaments helped determine who was or wasn't going to the NCAA Tournament.

Today however, with the Terps now in the Big Ten Conference and playing the likes of Nebraska in Chicago, it just ain't the same.  (Great article on this by Washington Post's Barry Svrluga (click here.)  Things have changed and it's not necessarily for the better.

I know, I sound like some old fart bitching about things like the Designated Hitter being in baseball's American League.  (Note - the DH has been around since 1973 but you still hear some folks voice complaints about it.  Me?  I kind of like the DH but do think that MLB having two sets of rules on it is very stupid.)

Back to the Terps though, I still follow them but not like I used to.  When they were playing in their ACC days, I did not miss a game during the season nor post season.   I had my version of "Must see T-V" long before NBC used that for their programming.  The ACC played its games on Wednesdays and Saturdays and Maryland's game was always televised.  I made it a point to be in front of the T-V at Tip Off time.

I remember telling Pam shortly after we hooked up many years ago and we sat down before the T-V as a Terps game was about to commence "Honey, there is a whole nother side of me that you haven't seen yet so just ignore me for the next couple hours."   That she hung with me after one of those games is a testimony to her devotion I guess.

You see, back then watching Terps' basketball was a participatory sport for me.  I sat on the edge of my seat through out the game, yelled at the Carolina refs, stomped around the room when the Terps made a run, told Billy Packer or Dick Vitale to "STFU" and sometimes even threw things at the screen when things weren't going Maryland's way.  By the time the game ended, I was exhausted.

But now, with the Terps in the Big Ten Conference, it just ain't what it used to be.  As Svrliga notes in his above referenced article, the Terps are still in a transitional period and will eventually put the ACC experience behind them and become full fledged Big Ten people:
Knowing that I don't have 100 years ahead of me to make this transition, guess I'll stay stuck somewhere in transition land which is always a tough place to be stuck in. 

Several standout lines in this classic Zep tune reverberate quite frequently in my head.  Of course "Been a long time" is numero uno, but I also find myself often repeating "Lemme get it back, get it back, baby where I come from."

Just maybe the rockingest song ever recorded, everything kicks and rocks in this bad boy.  For instance, I read a critic's review where he noted that if cymbal abuse were a crime then John Bonham would certainly be doing a life sentence for this performance.  Just take a listen to Bonham's constant banging of the cymbals and you'll see what the critic was talking about.  (However, a little warning for you, once you key in on that factoid, it might ruin the rest of the song for you.  You will find yourself focusing solely on that, instead of enjoying the overall song.  Hate it when that happens!)

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