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Monday, February 11, 2019

Worst Weather Forecast

I think the weatherman got it wrong.  (I know, these are words you have never heard before (sarcasm font.))  

He noted that today's forecast featured the two worst words that a weathermen could say - wintery mix.  He warned that we prepare for it, take precautions, watch out for it and blah, blah, blah.

As I listened to him say all this, my first reaction was "There are a number of other two word forecasts that I regard as a whole lot worse than wintery mix."  For example anything with freezing preceding it as in freezing rain, freezing temps, freezing snow, freezing sleet I consider much worse a forecast than say wintery mix.  I guess you could make a case that wintery mix includes all of those bad boys but still, whenever I hear wintery mix as a forecast my first thought is "Hey, maybe it'll all just be cold rain."  I am the ultimate optimist when it comes to weather forecasts.

But when I think more about this, other two word weather combinations such as Cat 5, 100 degrees, torrential rains, cold front will get my attention a whole lot quicker than will hearing a call for wintery mix.  Here are some other bad weather words for you.  
Which brings me to my personal nomination for the worst two word forecast and that is black ice.  This stems from my fear of falling that I have developed since I fell and broke my hip awhile back.  In fact, I've developed such an overall fear of falling that even a "driving rain" forecast will give me pause if I have errands to do and have to be out in it.  However, my specific problem with black ice is that you can't see it and that it will trip you up very quickly if you aren't careful. 

And yet as bad as black ice is, you don't hear weather forecasters say it much anymore.  I wonder if Key and Peele had anything to do with that.

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