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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Super Bowl - Yesterday and Today

Here is some Super Bowl trivia for you that I am sure you will hear repeated at some point in today's lead up to kickoff. 

This will be the second matchup between the Rams and the Patriots with the first having been  in 2002. Today also marks the second time that these two have paired off on 3 February. Their first encounter on the first Sunday in February in 2002 was due to 9/11:

Note that the above was written in 2014 so today's game marks 15 straight years that it has been played on the first Sunday in February.  (Not-so-quick aside - isn't it funny that baseball, a summertime sport, always plays it's championship games in October when the weather has turned cold and the NFL, the winter sport, generally plays its Super Bowl somewhere warm and/or in a Dome?  Detroit, Indianapolis, Minneapolis and East Rutherford are the only "Northern" cities that have ever hosted a Super Bowl and all of them had domed stadiums.  In case you were wondering, New Orleans and Miami have hosted the most Super Bowls at 10 each (click here.)  All of which leads me to say "Come on Dan, build that new Redskins Stadium so we can host a Super Bowl!)

With today's Super Bowl being a re-run, the following tune came to mind.  Always thought that the Four Tops didn't really get their full measure of respect and recognition.  They always seemed to be "Standing in the Shadows" of the  Temptations who were Motown's bigger guns.  However, imho the Tops, led by Levi Stubbs, were just as good and did their thing without all the drama and churn that seemed to constantly surrounded the Temps.)

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