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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Ridge Fire Department Installation

Another Super Bowl commercial about first responders reminded me that I have wanted to do something here on the Buzzyblog about the Ridge Fire Department's recent installation of officers ceremony.  

I was in the process of getting info on the ceremony when I found Assistant Chief Eddie Raley's excellent account of the event along with several nice photos from Mary Franklin  (click here.)  I've included a couple of those photos here:

Ladies Auxiliary Officers:

Another nice part of the installation was recognizing Joe Cooper, Joe Raley and Dickie Wood for their 55 years service to the Department.  That's some long time service!

I am forever grateful to those members of the Fire Department for all of their efforts in responding to Buzzy's beer cooler fire last year.  Moreover though I am most grateful to all of the members for all of their services throughout the years for everybody.

And since I have now weaved Buzzy's Country Store into this little narrative,  how about I close with the Ridge Fire Department recognizing my Buzzy neighbor Chris Bender as Fireman of the Year?  Congratulations and thank you Chris!
Note - one of the PG County Fire Department dudes who like coming into Buzzy's, once jokingly corrected me when I referred to them as "The Firemen."  He said that they are officially "Firefighters" and that a fireman is someone who feeds coal into the burner or actually stokes fires.  I was never aware of this distinction but I see his point (click here.)  

I'd say then that maybe George needs to re-record his song of that name and substitute Firefighter for fireman.  But then again, the way he is using the term "fireman" as a sex term here really does mean that he's stoking a fire vs. putting it out!

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