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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Post Not-So-Super-Super-Bowl

The post game consensus in Buzzy's Country Store decided that the while the Super Bowl game and half time show sucked, the commercials were pretty good overall this year.

Here's one of that made everybody's favorite list.  See how many of the folks you recognize.  Highlights for me included Joe Montana telling Michael Irving (:36 mark) "No can do, Cowboy."  The Ravens' Ed Reed, who was just selected for the NFL Hall of Fame making a great appearance at the 1:04 mark when he takes down Ladainian Tomlinson. Beckham's catch (1:38)  is pretty awesome too. But the 3 Dolphins (Paul Warfield, Larry Little and Csonka) just chillin' (:48) from their undefeated run stole the show.

There is also Behind the Scenes video of the commercial that's worth checking out (click here.)  I have to admit that there were a couple of participants in the video that I did not recognize. It reminded me of something I once heard someone comment on when he noted that the NFL markets its teams and not its players. Because NFL players wear helmets when they play, many of their own fans don't even recognize them when they are off the field.  A lot of times for an NFL player to get any recognition, translate endorsements, he has to do something out of the ordinary to stand out. (Beckham's blond hair for example was the main reason I immediately knew who he was and no I'm not saying that they all look alike!) 

But back to the game itself.  It was so lousy to watch it that I was hoping that it would have bumped the Colts-Cowboys SB V game out of the top five worst Super Bowls of all time.  Most rankings of All Time Worst Super Bowls list that Colts 16-13 victory over the Cowboys as one of the worst ever.  Being a Colts fan back then of course I thought it was great.  This later list has the just completed SB at #10 worst but the Colts/Cowboys  are still at #3 (click here.) 

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