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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Liquor License Times Two

Every February all liquor license holders in St. Mary's County must renew their license and submit it to the Beverage Board by the end of the month.  As bureaucratic efforts go this is one of my least favorites because it is a time consuming pain in the ass.  Not only do the license holders have to complete the form each year and regurgitate the same info previously provided, but also the form has to be notarized in two places.  

The double notary part drives me crazy because the first one is for the license holder to sign and the second one is for the property owner.  Even if, as in my case,  both of us are the same, the form has to be signed and notarized twice.  Makes no sense.

So the other day I swung by the bank to have the form notarized and then proceeded to Leonardtown to turn it in.  As I waited in the Beverage Board office for their clerk Suzie to finish a phone call, I took the following photos.  First photo is an overview of their office.  Second is a close up of the Buzzy's Country Store Mary Lou print displayed on their wall.  Made me smile.
But my smiling was short lived.  As Suzie accepted my form and looked it over, she very nicely informed me that she could not accept it because I did not have the licensee portion notarized.  For some reason, the young lady at the bank had only notarized the property owner portion of the form and not the licensee part.  And on me, I had not double checked to ensure that she had done both.

I knew it was useless to try and argue that I should not have to have TWO separate notarizations.  Instead I remembered that Suzie's co-worker Tammy was a notary and asked Suzie if  I could just leave the form and have Tammy notarize it when she returned to the office.  Suzie said no because Tammy had to witness me signing it.    

Ordinarily, something like this would tend to get my motor running.  But I guess because I had seen the Buzzy photo on their wall and because I knew how this bureaucratic dance went, I retrieved the form from Suzie, bade her goodbye and drove back to the bank to get it notarized AGAIN. I then made my second trip to L'town to turn it in. This time all was good. And on the subject of two times, you know the Doors' version of this but check out Joan nailing it.

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