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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Heaven or Hell

At Dora Adams funeral service the other day, Father Nguyen noted in his remarks that he was very sure that Dora was now with our Lord in heaven. He followed up by commenting that he does not always say that at funerals about the deceased.  He said he refrains from saying that because he can never be too sure that anyone had indeed lived their lives such that they would or would not end up in heaven. 

However, Father did say that he was very sure that Dora had made it to heaven.   I thought that it was a nice thing for him to say that to all the assembled family and friends.  However, if I ever go to another funeral that Father officiates at and he says the same thing there too about the deceased, I may change my opinion of him, but for now I thought he was very nice  to say what he said about Dora.)

After the service, on the way down the road though, it got me thinking about the whole heaven/hell thing.  Funerals will do that to you I have found.  Twelve years of Catholic schooling and many more years of weekly Masses hearing about "eternal life," naturally had made my default mode one of accepting and believing in all of that.  Long ago, in a reconciliating or compromising kind of way, I had made my mind up that I would aim for living life as I wanted to with the goal of doing some time in purgatory and then moving on up to the Big House.   That way I could have some fun here on earth, do a little penance for it later after I had died and ultimately spend the rest of eternity in that Big Ole Country Store called heaven. 

But, as is the case with lots of indoctrinated thinking, once I got beyond that and began to reason my way through some of the mumbo jumbo, afterlife voodoo stuff, I concluded that it doesn't really make much sense to nor for me. 

To begin with, I really do think that ALL people are basically good such that if there is a heaven, then my take would be that everyone gets in.  Thus, I don't really believe in hell in the afterlife.  I prefer to think that our personal time spent in hell is that spent here on earth after which we all go to heaven.  

Heaven/hell then to me is like going to a show or a concert where the Dora Adams and Judy Raleys get to sit in the orchestra seats while folks like me have to sit up in the nose bleeds. The Charley Mansons and Hitlers of this life get the seats with the obstructed views.  But the bottom line is - we all get to go to the show.

As for the whole business of heaven being a reward, hell a punishment, I lean more to a reincarnation take.  When you die you don't go to a heaven or a hell per se.  Instead, your soul gets stockpiled somewhere and eventually it will be reissued somewhere down the road in some other form or fashion.  (If you think this too crazy an idea Google "Reincarnated soul" and you'll find all sorts of items on it such as (click here.)  The time it takes your soul to get its reissuance then is dependent on how good or bad you were in this go round.  If not so good, you're going to spend a little more time in your soul cage.

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