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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Happy Candlemas/Nancy Taylor Day!

So you know all about Punxsutwaney Phil and that six more weeks of winter spiel.  However, did you know that today is also Candlemas Day and that it was the "real reason for the season."

Groundhog Day and the connection between weather and animals stems from an old Scottish couplet that went "If Candlemas Day is bright and clear, there will be two winters in the year" (click here.)

That caught on even if it makes no sense.  Why, if the weather is nice on Candlemas Day, does that  portend an early spring?  Should be the other way around shouldn't it?

Andie MacDowell as Rita played Phil's hard-to-get heart throb in the movie.  Yet, for my money Nancy (played by Marita Geraghty) was just as hot and desirable, even if Phil could not quite remember her name.  Instead of pining hopelessly for Rita every day over and over, I'm thinking that Phil should have been content with banging Nancy on a daily basis!  Proves once again that we always want what we can not have.

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