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Monday, February 4, 2019

Don't Go Out Tonight

Maduro - Which Way is Out of Here?
I doubt very seriously that he reads the Buzzyblog but just in case he's checking it out this morning, here is my open letter to Venezuelan President Maduro:

Dear Mr. President Maduro,
Just in case you may have forgotten, remember that on this day in history in 1992 your predecessor Hugo Chavez launched a coup against then President Perez.    As is the case now with your people, Chavez launched his efforts due to protests and unrest among the Venezuelan people upset with how awful things had become their country.  Although Chavez's attempt failed and he was jailed, as you know, it made Chavez a hero to the Venezuelan people such that when he was released from jail and ran for President he won easily.

Do you see any similarities this may have to your present situation?  If I were you, you may not want to wander far from home today.

A little Emmy seems in order:

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