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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Whatever Happened to "Mother's Maiden Name"?

I had to register for some website and establish a password.  No problem doing that but then they asked me to select a security question and provide an answer.  Mom's maiden name and  my first pet were nowhere to be found.  Instead, here is the selection of security questions they gave me to choose from:
I then found myself spending more time than I should have trying to think of answers to questions such as my favorite place to visit as a child, my favorite movie, where I'd live if I could live anywhere, who is my favorite band/artist etc..  I don't think the website guru's meant for this exercise to be such a brain teaser.  (I did have to smile when answering the query "With What Company Did You Hold Your First Job" by citing Buzzy's Country Store.)

There seems to be a move in the PC world to do away with security questions (click here) so maybe we won't have to mess around with this bs for much longer.

Stumbled upon this video sometime ago and thought to pass it along today.  It's from back when Jerry Springer was a genuine talk show host.  Got to confess however, I kept waiting for some irate, pregnant gal to come out of the back from somewhere and accuse Jethro of knocking her up.

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