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Friday, January 18, 2019

Thank You, Bob


The above reminded me of an interview with Bob Costas I heard many years ago wherein he was asked why he had decided to reside in St. Louis.  Bob gave an explanation that I often think about whenever I hear folks discuss how much they are or are not making salary-wise at their jobs.

He noted that while professionally it would probably have been better for him to live in New York or L.A., but instead he preferred to reside in St. Louis.  He went on to say that once you make enough money to be able to pick up the dinner check for your friends that was sufficient for him.  He noted that the difference between making say $50,000 and a $100,000 a year was a lot.  Likewise, he noted that doubling  a $200,000 annual salary was significant too.  

However, he noted that once you start making big bucks, like say a million a year, doubling that doesn't really mean that much.  Hence, Bob noted that he would rather stay in St. Louis doing what he was doing (MLB Game of the Week) even if it meant not making as much moola as he could have living elsewhere.  

For some reason, Bob's explanation about how much money was enough always resonated with me.   Working 37 years for Uncle Sam, I was obviously not money-driven regarding my main goals in life.  When I first started working on Base, I recall Buzzy telling me that working for Civil Service meant that "You will never be poor but you will never get rich either."  I resigned myself to that state of affairs and went to work every day on Base for almost 40 years.  When I look back on life decisions I made, that is one I do not regret.

Whenever the opening rif to this song comes on the radio in Buzzy's Country Store, someone will invariably ask me to turn it up.  I will do so but secretly I don't care for this song, although it does have an interesting back story how it came to be (click here.)  My problem with it has to do with it containing some of the dumbest lyrics ever written.

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