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Thursday, January 24, 2019

St. Mary's Museums

Mention of museums in my previous post led me to recall a visit from a couple who had sailed into Point Lookout Marina last spring.  They had borrowed a vehicle that the Marina makes available to boaters and then visited both the Navy Air Museum and the St. Mary's City Museum.  

They ended up at Buzzy's Country Store and proceeded to tell me how much they had enjoyed both museums.  They noted that they enjoy visiting local museums wherever they travel and  were very impressed with the two they had visited here in the County.  (That they went on a little too much about how surprised they were at how great the museums were was a little annoying.  However, I appreciated their overall point that our museums met and even surpassed their expectations.) 

It got me thinking about a couple of our lesser known museums in the County such as the Confederate Museum at Pt. Lookout State Park.  It's been several years since I've visited that one but from what I hear it's been spiffed up a bit.  (The Pt. Lookout Lighthouse too is currently undergoing a major renovation and should end up being another place of interest for museum and historical buffs to visit.)

Piney Point Lighthouse grounds hold the Maritime Watermen's museum that is also very well done.  In addition to featuring a number of interesting exhibits, it contains several authentic work boats.

The other museum that comes to mind is the St Clements Museum.  As with the Confederate Museum, it has been several years since I was in the St. Clements museum so I just may need to re-check that one out too.

Bottom line, we are very fortunate to have the diversity and quality of museums that we have right here in our backyard.

Never mind a night at the museum , how about a day at the museum?

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