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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Ralli Museum

A followup to yesterday's Twofer museum post wherein I didn't really give much attention to the outstanding Ralli Museum.

Even though Punta del Este, Uruguay is renown primarily for being a resort town, if you travel a bit away from the beach and thru a very upscale residential neighborhood named Beverly Hills, you will find an excellent museum housing all sorts of modern art.  And best of all - it is open to the public for free. 

Founded by Henry Recanati there are 5 Ralli Museums worldwide with 2 in South America, 1 in Spain and 2 in Israel.  The one in Punta del Este was the first and opened in 1988.  It features a number of Salvador Dali sculptures including a courtyard garden full of them as can be seen at the 3:27 mark in this video.

Here I am in the sculpture garden admiring some of the art.  (Nothing like nude bronze breasts to get my motor running.  I probably should have cropped the lady in white out of the shot but I thought she looked pretty cool standing behind the three posers in the foreground.)

And speaking of hot women - here is Dali's Woman on Fire sculpture next to a very nice American tourist I met on the way to the museum:
Although this was Stevie's cocaine song, Dali's gold dust senorita above made me think of it just now:

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