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Sunday, January 27, 2019


Today we're going to travel from Buzzy's Country Store to Uruguay, Rome, Hungary and end up in Australia so fasten your seat belt and let's roll.

One of the highlights in touring the Pabo Atchugarry Sculpture Park in Punta del Este, Uruguay was his Pieta Sculpture set in a church like building shown here:
This is a photo I took of Atchugarry's Pieta sculpture inside the building:
It reminded me of Michelangelo's more famous Pieta in the Vatican.  Buzzy and I got to see it when we visited Rome in 1998.
I remember our tour guide telling us all about Lazlo Toth, a Hungarian and his 1972 attack on the Pieta.  Here is a video I found discussing Toth and his assault on the sculpture:

Toth was never convicted for the crime.  Instead, he spent a couple of years in an Italian mental hospital and in 1975 was released and deported to Australia.  He died there in 2012.

Little trivia for you:  Lazlo's attack on the Pieta however was not the first time that  someone did something to the sculpture after it was completed.  Michelangelo himself did some additional work on the Pieta once he finished it:

After Lazlo's attack on the Pieta, a protective wall was constructed in front of it.  Trump has incorrectly mentioned that the Vatican is walled off; but he would be correct if he noted that the Vatican's most famous piece of art does have a wall.

And speaking of walls, this Paul Simon song came to mind so I'll leave you with Annie Lennox's version:

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