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Friday, January 25, 2019


Usually on Fridays I try to do an events' related post about things going on either at Buzzys or around the County.  However, it doesn't appear like much is happening this particular last weekend in January, so how about I do an indepth analysis of a very heavy topic such as sports mascots?

A couple of recent sports stories about mascots spurred me to wonder how did all that business start?  I found an excellent article that traces the history and evolution of mascots (Click here.

I was always under the impression that the Orioles' Bird of the late 70's was one of the first on the mascot scene.  However, it turns out that it all started long before that.  (In fact the Oriole Bird was Number 3 on the scene preceded by the San Diego Chicken and the Philly Phanatic.)

But here are  the two mascot stories that sent me pondering this deep subject.  

There was this story and video from Pro Bowl-related activities of a Jets dude flattening the  Patriots mascot who ended up in the hospital:

Before you get too wound up about the player punishing the mascot like he did, there is some other video showing that the mascot started it by decking the player first (click here) and that the player was just retaliating.

A second mascot story and video could be dubbed the Macabre Mascot story.  The young man posing as the mascot passed out as he was being lowered onto the court and made it appear that he was dead and had hung himself.  To read that story and see video (click here.)

Not to leave you on such a down note though, here is a musical mascot video for you:

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