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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

JB Weather

Ah yes, the weather.  Something we can all discuss and not worry about offending someone's fragile political sensibilities.  You know who I'm talking about - all those Cult 45 folks who have swallowed the Kool Aid and are too far gone to even try and talk sense to.

Thus, the weather becomes a safe conversational harbor.  Granted, I will hear the occasional "So much for that global warming all you liberals believe in" referenced when it's below freezing outside.  However I can easily parry and shut that down with "Bet I can give you more proof that it is happening, than you give me that it is NOT."  (Click here for related story.)

But back to the current awful weather due to Winter Storm Jayden and this headline from The Weather Channel:

(When did they start naming winter storms? I'm thinking that the insurance bubba's had something to do with it as in "We do not cover damages incurred from any "Named storm." Turns out that the naming of winter storms was a Weather Channel creation click here.)

Locally we are fortunate to have JB Bordash's FB site JB Weather to keep us informed and up to date on just what's in store for us here in the Southern Maryland area.  JB graduated from Patuxent High School in 2014 and is currently attending Penn State University. He started his JB Weather FB page several years ago and currently has over 26,000 followers.  He also has a Go Fund Me Page where you can make a donation towards his work on the weather page.  The following is a clip from that FB Page:
I learned first hand of JB's skills for weather prediction when a friend in Buzzy's noted that he was predicting 5 - 10 inches of snow before a recent winter storm hit us.   I bet my friend that we would not get that much snow.  I lost the bet to her  because JB was correct in his prediction. I'm now a JB follower.  I may even send him a couple dollars to help fund his efforts.

With the bleak forecast ahead for us, this tune seems appropriate:

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